Thank you for playing my game.
For those who find the game to fast you have the possibility to change the difficulty of the game in the main menu. That also will change the game speed.

Don't shovel me is a car racing game.
The game was created for the Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1.

  • The first player to reach the goal won the game.
  • Do not fall into any holes, otherwise you will be reset with a delay.
  • Collect Earth. When you have collected 5 earth you can shoot it forward.
  • It will be an obstacle on the track.
Player 1
Player 2
LeftALeft Arrow
RightDRight Arrow
Left CtrlRight Ctrl

I will be making a video about the creation of the game and sharing it on my YouTube Channel!

Have Fun!


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Very fun game, i like it! :)


Fun Game. However, you can just get off the road and pass the holes.

Thank you! I will fix it!